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History and stuff 
27th-Jul-2008 01:48 am

Jinki never wanted for anything, not that he should. He was the only son of multi-billionaire industrialists. Most of his childhood days (when he wasn’t in school) were spent playing around his house with the son of one of the housekeepers, Jonghyun. The boys would spend most of their time running away from the butler, whom Jinki knew was much too old, and stiff to be around children. His parents loved him more than anything, at least that is the impression Jinki was left with. He never felt they didn’t spend enough time with him. They were good people, with good hearts.

Going to school was the worst; Jonghyun went to one school, Jinki at another. He got along okay with the other kids, but they didn’t know about him and his family with asking, not like Jonghyun.

At eleven during the end of Summer is when it happened. Jinki’s parents were murdered. He remembered being there and running, and the screams of his mother..she was the one who had told him to run. He was sure he was going to die, be caught…he was faster than Jonghyun...but not that fast.

He can’t remember all the details…except for that he started at his house and ended up…several miles away in a matter of seconds. Confused and ashamed that he ran what could he do but go back…this is something he wished he had never done.

After the death of his parents everything was hazy…lawyers were all over the place, who got what…wills…child…things like that were tossed around on a regular basis. He didn’t understand why was no one going after the murderers of his parents?! Where was Jonghyun in all this?! He was gone, so was his mother most of the staff was gone all except the grumpy butler. He was thankful for the old man. He was always with Jinki, telling him about the things the adults were discussing, treating him like a person who deserves to know rather than a kid in the way.

Once the hustle had died down Jinki was sent to live with an uncle not at all far from where his parents manor was… his manor now… His uncle was old and kind. He never bothered Jinki, and only cared that he was in school and doing well. Which he was, the least he could do for his parents.. that’s’ what his butler told him. What was the most he could do for his parents…

He wasn’t popular in middle school, sure everyone knew who he was, but all of them had their own thoughts on how and why his parents were killed. Jinki never bothered explaining it was much easier to quiet them. Soon he started getting into fights almost every day. The speed gift he had repressed for so long was back, he was using it to his advantage. His uncle received phone calls everyday, and everyday he would plead with Jinki to stop, this isn’t what his parents would want.

Into his first year of high school the fighting didn’t stop. He had grown used to his gift and was using it regularly, some kids saw it, but most just wrote it off as good reflexes. Now it was easy to lie to his uncle, he could barely hear the phone, and he was gullible. As far as he was concerned Jinki was doing well in school and had stopped fighting. Both were lies. This continued into his second year in high school and through the summer before his third. It was on one day that Jinki came home to be faced with not only his uncle, but his butler, who he hadn’t seen in four or five years.

He was given an ultimatum. He could live with his uncle and lose his inheritance, or he could go to a mutant school and learn to control his powers. Jinki thought this was ridiculous..but a new start right…but a mutant school..Jinki needed the inheritance, as soon was done with school he would get it. Then he could finally start really looking for his parents killers.

He is new to the school, he calls himself Onew rather than Jinki, it was his first step in avoiding confrontation.

The most important thing to Jinki... getting his inheritance so that he can find his parents killers.. with all the money it will take. He isn't interested in going to school. He can just take over the company..but som people don't see it that way.

Personality: Even though he has a reputation for fighting, he is far from mean. He is kind, intelligent, and charismatic. Slightly obnoxious at times, but not in an annoying way. He hates losing, and cheaters. He has a strong sense of justice..even if he thinks some things are best settled with the clashing of fists.

If you want to know more.. you’ll have to find out.

He doesn’t take the time to make friends, he is content with knowing names and faces.. he doesn’t need to hang out.

Powers: Onew had used his powers quite a bit before coming to school, he has improved his endurance and speed. He can run very long distances, very fast with out getting tired. His reflexes are lighting fast.. but clumsy. He has never taken a punch..but has broken several hands for blocking them, never intentionally.
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